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Control Top

Q.- What control top tights would you recommend?

  A. - If you are looking for a medium control top you should try Carezza 70 Slip-Up,
Carezza 70 Tripple Effect
, or Antistress 70 Slip-Up. These are sheer and elegant tights with high cut print panties. If you are looking for a very strong control we would recommend Lift Up 40 or
Lift Up Light
. These models have specially designed bands underneath the bottom line to lift it up, also modeling bands around hips line and a soft girdle on the tummy to give you perfect silhouette.
  Q. What products are best to lift bottom up?

A.- We would recommend you to try either Lift Up 40 or Lift Up Light by Franco Bombana.
As well as Carezza 70 Tripple Effect or Antistress 70 Tripple Effect. Elly models have built-in panties that specially designed and enforced to lift and shape the buttocks. All these models have other shaping effects that help you achieve faultless profile.
  Q.- Is there any product available that will help reduce cellulite?

A.- Cell-Controll by Franco Bombana the revolutionary cosmetic tights that help treat cellulite. Thanks to combined action of the special micro-massaging yarns and the natural properties of Green Tea, Butcher's bloom and Horse-chestnut. These tights help improve the circulation and boost the lymphatic system, making your legs smoother, firmer and more toned.
It would be unfair not to mention Carezza-Compression Graduated Collection, Antistress Classic and Fashion Collections. All 40 denier models with light support in these collections were designed for women who suffer from tiredness and aesthetic problems like cellulite.

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Graduated Compression
Q.- Could you explain what characteristics should Support or Graduated Compression
Hosiery have?

A.- Other than special knitting and special yarns that are used to achieve different degrees of compression on ankle, knee and thigh areas Support Hosiery must have - reinforced heel and toe, CE certification and models must be tested on the Hatra machine.
Q.- Do I need to wear support tights?

A.- If your legs get swollen or tired by the end of the day, or you have varicose veins or prone to have it, or you have poor blood circulation then you should consider wearing support-graduated compression hosiery. If you have serious medical concerns we recommend
Elly-Antistress Collection. Models from this line provide maximum support so you'll get best results.
If you are looking for support hosiery for preventative measures then all hosiery with light or medium graduated compression will help Massage, Riposanti and Salute collections by Franco Bombana and most models from Elly-Carezza has either light or medium compression. Consider wearing graduated compression hosiery during pregnancy (look for maternity styles).
  Q.- I tried to put on my new support tights and they were very tight and seemed to be too small. The size on the box indicates exact size that I usually wear. Is there anything wrong with my tights?

A.- There is nothing wrong with your tights. Support hosiery are usually more tight than regular ones. If you get the right size they will look a little bit small, this way you can get the support you are looking for. You should widen the toe area, position toe and heel areas properly on your feet and then pull them up so tights snuggle your legs from ankles to thighs without spinnings and folds. If your size falls right in between sizes on the size-chart, we recommend to go with a larger size.
  Q.- I used to wear support tights, and I hated them, they were rough to the touch and very far from fashion and elegance. Is it still true?

A.- Oh, no, those days are gone. Thanks to the advanced technology, now women can wear elegant and very trendy tights and stockings and still get the benefits of the support hosiery. For example look at Jolie70 Stay-up Stockings, they are very fashionable and at the same time have graduated compression feature.
Sophie and Graduated Compression Collections by Elly-Carezza is a combination of elegance and wellbeing.
  Q.- What's the difference between Elly-Carezza collections and Elly-Antistress collections?

A.- These are two groups of collections made by Elly company. Antistress group of collections target people with medical concerns like varicose veins, feet swelling, or people who are in post surgery rehabilitation and need special support hosiery. Most of these models are sold in pharmacies and special orthopedic stores. Some models in these collections are unisex. On the other hand Carezza group of collections offer you the wide variety of hosiery (classic, everyday, maternity and fashion) including support items. Though these support hosiery don't have such a strong compression as Antistress models, that would be the right compression for most people. Because some women need just light or medium graduated compression not the strong one. Beside its medical benefits Antistress line also offers you some very elegant models. For example Antistress-Fashion collection which guarantees the well being of your legs and enhances the femininity and the elegance.
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Fishnets Q.- What fishnet pantyhose can you suggest?t
  A.- Usually Fishnet models come in Seasonal collections, but we have some models in all-year-around collections. You should take a look at the Shock Collection by Elly-Careeza. Models like Rete Pesca, Geometric, Minirete and Retina are very popular, and also Knee-highs models Socks Stars.
Franco Bombana offers you models Glamour 15, Vogue. All our fishnet items are made of very fine and soft yarns, so you'll feel the difference between ordinary fishnets and these high quality ones.
  Q.- Do you sell fishnet stockings?

A.- Yes, these models are not displayed on our web site yet. You have to e-mail your request for fishnet stockings and we will send you a catalog and detailed information including prices and availability. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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Hipster Q.- I'm looking for low waist tights. What can you recommend?
  A. - You can choose either Unopiuuno Dance 15 by Elly or Vitta Bassa 20 or 40 by Franco Bombana.
These models designed to be worn on hips, with special hip band for extra comfort.
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Maternity Q.- I am the owner of Maternity clothing store. Do you have any models that would be suitable for the expecting mothers?

A.- We have several models that we can offer to the moms-to-be. Take a look at Carezza 70 Maternity Tights and Carezza Sophie 70 Maternity Tights. These models are special because it combines benefits of graduated compression, elegance, and sheerness of unique breathable yarns. There also maternity styles in Classic Antistress collection. They are: Maternity Tights 40, Maternity Tights 70,
Maternity Tights 140. Couple more words about Elly- Antistress collection. It was created in collaboration with medical specialist in phlebology, and targets people with special circulatory and veins problems or that prone to have such problems.

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Other Q.- I have a boutique store and I follow latest fashion trends. Do you have seasonal fashion styles?

A.- Yes, we do carry seasonal models and collections. These collection are usually must be ordered in advance. You can find these collections(when they are available) in a special Seasonal Collection section of our web site.
If you are looking for fishnets, please see Fishnet section of this FAQ List.

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Sheernest Q.- What Opaque hosiery would you recommend?

A.- We carry quite a few opaque tights here those that we recommend the most:
Carezza 60 3D - Mon Ami or Luna Piena by Elly-Carezza; Opaque Microfibre 40 and
Opaque Microfibre 70
, and Mon Ami 60 Tights by Elly-Antistress; or Microfiber 30 and Microfiber 50,
Hiver 70-3D tights, Alpes100 tights by Franco Bombana.
All model are made with microfiber yarns that give softness and durability to the product. You will feel warm and comfortable, because these tights will hug your legs like second skin.

  Q.- Can you suggest any high Denier tights that look as natural and sheer as possible?

A.- Lots of people are looking for High Denier tights because they are very durable and long lasting but the back side of the high-denier tights is lack of sheerness (the higher the denier, less sheer or even more opaque tights are). We'd like to offer you new Sophie Collection by Elly-Carezza.
It's unique because of the special highly breathable yarn that has “feather-light effect” and also has graduated compression features that massage the legs and ensure proper blood circulation. Soft to the touch, much silkier and less opaque than regular graduated compression hosiery. These 70 and 140 den tights look like 20-35 Den, great for the summer especially their “keep moisture out” effect. They also come in maternity style.
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Special Occasion Q.- I need very elegant and seductive pantyhose for the special occasion. What would be your recommendation?

A.- If you need extra touch of elegance we suggest Elegance and Charme collections by Franco Bombana, particularly models like- Total Nude15 and 30 , Seduction 15 and 20 , Supervelo 7.
Also try Fashion Collection by Elly-Carezza or Carezza 20 Soubrette Model from Riposanti collection.
All these pantyhose are nice combination of elegance and beauty with comfort and durability.

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Stockings Q.- I'm looking for classic stockings, those that we wear with the suspender belt.

A.- We can offer you these models to choose from:
Quindicimila Stockings, Serena Stockings, Elanca 20 Stockings, and Elanca 60 Stockings.

  Q.- What Stay Up stockings you can offer to your customers?

A.- We can offer very elegant stay-up stockings by both Franco Bombana and Elly manufacturers.
Models like Free Up 15 and 30 , or
Emotion 20 Stay Ups are sheer and perfect for either everyday or special occasions.
Carezza 70 Stay Up stockings and Jolie70 are also very stylish models and at the same time they have graduated compression feature.

  Q.- Do you have any stockings with graduated compression effect for those women who prefer stockings to the pantyhose but need the special treatment for their legs?

A.- Yes, we sure do have such products. Elly company specializes on graduated compression hosiery, and they produce different styles of stockings(classic and stay-ups) with different levels of compression. We can offer you following models in this category: Carreza 40 Stockings, Carezza 70 Stockings, Carezza 70 Stay Up Stockings, or models from Elly-Antistress (that is more medical collection):
Stockings 40, Stockings 70, Stockings140 and Jolie 70. Jolie70 stay-up stockings from the Fashion Antistress collection are the best you can get in graduated compression combined with the great style, smooth knitting and beautiful floral lace. Please remember the stronger compression - the better effect you get.

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Summer Style Q.- Do you have any pantyhose with Invisible Toe and Heel?

A.- Invisible toe and heel tights or sandal foot tights are very popular models for the summer.
We recommend the following items from Sanpellgrino line: Supervello 7 Den, Antiscivolo 8 and
Vita Bassa 20
, Biocomplex-Idratante and Tonificante tights.


Q.- Why is the BIO-COMPLEX collection by Franco Bombana different than others?

A. -This revolutionary cosmetic collection offers you light and sheer tights with a range of natural effects like: moisturizing effect Idrante model; or with Tone Up action to keep legs lighter and firmer
Tonificante model; or with refreshing effect thanks to extracts of Mint and Eucalyptus
Rinfrescante 7 Den tights and knee-highs; or that help to treat cellulite Cell-Control tights;
or that help to reduce unwanted hair regrowth Epil-Control tights and knee-highs. These models are great for summer or any time of the year, because they combine the benefits of the naturals herbal extracts and the elegance of the Franco Bombana products.
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