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Glossary of Terms


Control Top - Pantyhose with panties that were specially knitted with stronger yarns to visually correct certain areas: slim the tummy area, or to push up bottom (most todays tights do both).


Denier - refers to the weight of the yarn in grammes at a standard length of 9000 meters(About 9000 yards)yarn. 1 Denier is 1g of yarn when 9,000 meters long. In other words it gives a scale for heaviness and thickness of fibers in the hosiery products. The higher the denier, the thicker the fiber. The lower the denier number the sheerer the garment. Stockings and tights knitted with a higher denier tend to be less sheer but more durable.

Elastane -is a term for a man-made stretch fiber, which is better known under trade name Lycra (DuPond's trademark) Elastane fibres can be stretched from four to seven times their length, reverting to their original length.

Fishnet - a material with an open, diamond shaped knit; open knit resembles a fish net.Diamond shaped holes can be extra small, medium and large. It also comes in fishnet woven patterns, when Fishnet pattern is woven on a regular knitted pantyhose, to create an interesting look.

Flat Seams - hosiery with flat seam is more comfortable to wear as it doesn't leave seam marks on the body. Special technique is used to achieve flat seams, so Garments with flat seams are considered higher quality products.
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Graduated Compression(Light, Medium, Strong) - Hosiery that was specially woven with different level of compression on ankles, knees and thighs. The compression gradually reduces from ankles to thighs, to ensure proper blood circulation, reduces swelling of ankles, varicose veins and fatigues in your legs after the prolonged standing.

Light Graduated Compression products(mmHg 3-12) are for people who don't have any medical problems or concerns with their legs but want to reduce fatigues and feel comfortable and not tired after the long standing , Medium Graduated Compression hosiery (mmHg13-17) is for women who have some concerns like constant leg fatigues, or those who prone(genetically or due to their profession) to have varicose vein or swelled ankles. Strong Graduated Compression (mmHg 18-22) is designed for people with existed medical problems like varicose veins. There are some therapeutic models with very High Graduated Compression of mmHg 25-35. Usually they are being prescribed by the doctor after surgery or for the specific circulatory corrective purpose.

Gusset - usually a diamond-shaped or triangular insert panel in a seam between legs' pieces of the pantyhose, which increases the durability, level of comfort and hygiene.

High-cut Panties - Pantyhose with briefs like High Cut underpants.  

Hosiery a term that describes any undergarments that is worn on the feet and legs. Tights, pantyhose, stockings, socks, knee-highs, stay-ups, and anklets are all hosiery products.

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Knee-Highs - Stockings that terminate at or just barely above the knee.

Low Waist - Pantyhose that have special low waist band, most of the time this band is wider than on regular pantyhose, for the extra comfort and smooth line from hips to the waist line. You can wear them with low waist skirts and pants also great for summertime.

Lycra is a trademark of INVISTA ( DuPond company) for a synthetic stretch fabric with elastic ability to stretch up to 600% and spring back to the original size. Garments that were made using Lycra are very strong and flexible, that gives comfort, great fit and freedom of movement.

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Massage Effect - Special yarns are used to knit these pantyhose and most of the time they use special knitting to achieve the soft product that at the same time gives your legs constant massage to increase blood circulation and reduce fatigues.

Mesh - is a fabric that has a large number of closely-spaced holes, a type of knitting use to achieve texture as if fabric was hand knitted with small holes.

Microfiber is a type of nylon yarn that is made from the many fine filaments or fibers that are packed together into one yarn. The yarn becomes very flexible, durable, resists wrinkling, has rich body. The tiny filaments or fibers can slide back and forth and maneuver around within the yarns in a fabric allowing the fabric to flow and stretch freely, yet still possess body. Fabrics made with microfibres are exceptionally soft and hold their shape well.

Opaque Stockings or Tights -made of heavier yarns(usually 40 denier or greater) that give them a thicker and less transparent appearance. These stockings and tights are usually worn in winter but also great for everyday.

Open Toe Pantyhose - Hosiery that covers legs above toes. In other words it leaves your toes bare. Great for sandals and open shoes.

Non-Slip Sole - Pantyhose and stockings with Non-Slip Sole have special silicon spots on the sole to diminish slipping while wearing open shoes, sandals and clogs, great for summertime and high-heel shoes.

Nude look - Ultra sheer pantyhose that gives you look of the bare legs- nude look(usually less than 20 Den). Great for hot summer days.

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Pantyhose vs Tights - Pantyhose (known as Tights in the UK ) are tight fitting coverings of the body from the waist to the feet. English, tights refers to hosiery that is made of a thicker fabric than pantyhose. Today many people mix them both, so most of the time they can call the same hosiery product tights or pantyhose. Generally, females of all ages wear tights but pantyhose are not usually worn by pre-teens.

Reinforced Heel -when heel area of the pantyhose is strengthened with the thicker and heavier Denier yarns.

Reinforced Toe - Hosiery with extra strong toe area, which was made of thicker and heavier yarns to avoid runs that happen the most in the toe area.

Reinforced Top - when pantyhose has briefs knitted from the heavier (high Denier) fibers, to reinforce the lower body area like tummy, bottom, hips. This pantyhose has slimming or pushing effect, or both. Some hosiery manufacturers use term Control Top or Holding Effect.

Phlebology - a branch of medicine concerned with the veins.

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Sandal Foot or Invisible Toe and Heel - Hosiery without reinforcement in the heel and toe areas. In other words the whole foot of the hosiery has the same thickness and sheerness as the rest of the garment, which means no heavier yarn were used in the toe and heel than in the leg. Perfect for open shoes or sandals. 

Seamless stockings or tights Stockings or pantyhose that is knitted in one operation on circular machines (one continuous operation) so that no seaming is required up the back.

Semi-Sheer Pantyhose - made of relatively thick yarns( usually 20-40Denier), slightly heavier than sheer and more durable. They are sheer enough to see the legs through and strong enough to wear them everyday.

Shaping Effect - Pantyhose that helps to slim and shape the silhouette. 

Sheer - this term defines how sheer the hosiery is. Usually sheerness of the product can be determined by its Denier (the thickness of the yarn that is used to produce undergarment), please be aware that some new models have high Denier but still very sheer and light.

Sheer to waist - Pantyhose that doesn't have any pantie-line, reinforcement area or briefs, that are usually knitted from the thicker(higher denier) fibers to support the tummy and hips areas. However it doesn't mean that hosiery is completely sheer. It can be sheer, opaque or semi opaque, and has no panties.

Stay-Up Stockings - Stockings that are held up by sewn-in elasticated bands on the lace, you don't need suspender belt to hold them in place. 

Stockings - two pieces of close-fitting hosiery that cover legs from feet to the upper legs and are held in place by suspender belt.

Support - Hosiery that is specially knitted to provide support action in some critical parts like tummy, bottom, hips; or along the whole leg; or both. 

Tanning Effect - pantyhose that gives your legs effect of the tan. They come in a spectrum of the tan skin colors, so anybody can find the perfect tan color. Usually hosiery with tanning effect is sheer.

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Ultra Sheer - A fine denier fiber which gives the ultimate in sheerness to the hosiery. Also called Bare-look, these sheer hosiery products are extra light and give you the bare look. Usually less than 20 Denier. Ideal for summer time.
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